July 25-6, 2011

Denali (otherwise known as Mt. McKinley), the highest mountain in the whole continent of North America! The National Park Service brochure says that McKinley is 6,193 m (20,320 ft) tall. That's a big mountain! According to my father, only 20% of visitors to Denali National Park actually see the enormous mountain, as weather conditions are frequently suboptimal. We were, unfortunately, among the vast majority of Denali visitors who did not get to see the mountain.

Here is a picture of Denali that my father took, so you can see what we missed. Photo by George Klohck.

But there is more to Denali than just the mountain; the park has many opportunities for wildlife viewing, and we did get great photos of many animals. Our tour package also included a nice little kayaking trip on Byers Lake in Denali State Park (south of the national park).

Distance driven this leg: 721 km (448 mi)

Caches found so far: 5


Distance driven so far: 1,525 km (948 mi)

Caches found so far: 9

On to the Kenai Peninsula and Kenai Fjords National Park.

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