Multnomah Falls

September 1, 2010

We had had a plan for finding some very old geocaches near Mt. Hood, and then going to visit Multnomah Falls. In the end, we did not have time for both and had to save the caches for another visit.

We drove along scenic US 20. I was hoping to see all of the Three Sisters along the way, but only the South Sister was visible in the clouds.

We had lunch in Corvallis with a dear old friend from college. After a delicious stop at Interzone Cafe, we took an opportunity to resupply our dwindling grocery collection at the newly-opened Coravllis Trader Joe's.

The Forest Service's web site tells us that, at 620 ft (171 m), Multnomah Falls is the second-tallest year-round falls in the entire US, including Alaska and Hawai'i. I have to assume Niagara is the tallest.

The lower falls.

Top of the lower falls.

Detail of the falls.

Eric at the falls.

And me. Photo by Eric, of course.

On the way back to Portland, we drove through the beautiful Columbia Gorge.

Us in the gorge. Photo by a Japanese tourist.

We had dinner at Dick's Kitchen in Portland with a group of friends, about half of whom are comic book artists. The waitress overheard us talking about drawing comics, and the owner was so happy to have a group of comic book artists in his store that he came over and brought complimentary beers for them. It was a lot of fun bringing local people with common interests together.


Distance driven: 279 mi (449 km)

Caches found: 1


Distance driven: 1,107 mi (1,782 km)

Caches found: 11

On to Washington.

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